Stress is difficult and comes in many forms.  It can be physical, psychological, emotional and, for many, spiritual.  The past few days have been very rough for me.  My cat, who is very special to me, became very ill very fast and has been in the hospital now for 3 days.  Twice I have been up against the decision to put him down.  In the end, I chose to risk surgery despite many complications.  It was horrible.  Stressful and painful and completely overwhelming.  I really don’t have a support system here, so I had to do most of this alone.

But, proud to say that I really DID do it mostly alone.  And, without breaking down for a cigarette.  If almost death of a loved on didn’t make me fold, then I am really starting to feel that I am able to hold up this commitment.  That this is possibly my new lifestyle.

Pray for my cat.  Pray for me.   May we both have many more happy times ahead of us.  Healthy and happy.

Quitting Smoking

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